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Liquid E-Cegarette:

Tk. 1950

Products Description

    Product Features:
    1. Length: (L) 129mm
    2. Diameter: 14 mm
    3. Weight of Single Cigarette: 38.4g
    4. E-liquid content of each cartridge: 1.5g
    5. Each cartridge equals cigarettes: 26pcs
    6. Content of battery: 650mAh
    7. Working Voltage: 3.3~4.2V
    8. Full Battery can keep for: 700puffs
    9. Life of Battery: More Than 300 Times Recharge
    electric cigarette kits Color: Black battery, clarity cartomisers
    The main body is applied black rubber painting which has soft touching hand feeling.

    electric cigarette kits Function Description:
    1) The blue light will be turned on when you are inhaling, and vapor will be produced;
    any continuous inhaling over eight seconds, the LED will turn off and the power will stop provisionally.
    2) When the electronic cigarette is not in use, it keeps in standby mode.
    3) Press the button five times within three seconds to lock the system, repeat it to unlock.
    4) When the voltage is lower than 3.3 V, low-voltage- alarm function starts, the light keeps flashing 10 times with frequency of 1 Hz, reminds customers to charge the battery.
    5) USB charging process: Connect the adapter through USB, charge indicator light will change from green to red,
    when the charge is complete, the indicator light will turn green again.

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