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Magic Condom with Penis Oil (Silicon):

Tk. 1950

Products Description

    The new stretchable magic material. Feeling and sensibility is unprecedented. Super- elastic sleeve.
    Package Includes: 1 lubricant condom with penis oil.
    Use erection of male reproductive organs in the male genitalia settings, you can enjoy a happy time, the product has a penis oil.
    Length: 13 cm
    Width: 3.3 cm
    Diameter: 6.4 cm
    Thickness: 3 cm Increase the length of your penis and enhance the experience for your partner.
    Safety Information: This product is for personal use, pay attention to clean before and after use. Use the right amount of lubricant. You can use it with a condom. Be careful who has heart disease, hypertension, local skin damage. Minors declined to use this product. Before and after each wash use.with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water.

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