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Anahai Bamboo:

Tk. 4450

Products Description

    Bamboo Charcoal whitening sets
    1. Bottle No.1: 200ml,Deep cleaning gel .
    2. Bottle No.2: 200ml, skin whitening Essence cream.
    3.Tube1: 80g, Bamboo charcoal face refreshen mask.
    4.Tube2: 80g, skin whitening Essence cream.
    Ingredients :
    Bamboo charcoal, ginseng essence, sorbierite, arbutin, natural skin milk, hydrolyzed pearl etc.
    Effect :
    1. The new formula of natural charcoal Facial mask , containing fine carbon particles, deeply clear up dirt & dust,
    lighten yellowish complexion,Improve lackluster skin, prevent acne effectively
    2. Deep cleaning gel can wash the dirt in the pores thoroughly, purify the skin effectively .
    3. skin whiterning essence cream can balance the body collagen protein and hyaluronic acid content, improve skin melanin particles. its active oxygen factor can provide sufficient oxygen to cell and accelerate cell renewal, nourish the skin, make skin not only white but also tender and smooth like silk.
    1. Wipe deep cleaning gel to the whole body , then bath with clear water after about 10 minutes.
    2. after bath, smear skin whitening Essence cream to whole body and knead for about 5 minutes until the skin absorbed, it will make the skin whitening and smoothing.
    3. Use bamboo charcoal face refreshen mask to wash your face thoroughly.
    4.then smear whitening Essence cream on your face and knead for about 5 minutes until the skin absorbed it.

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