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    Indications: This product can be used oily and troubled skin. It is helpful for skin recovery and restoration. Also as an advanced aid for skin cuts, scratches, abrasions, bruising and burns. It is a natural moisturizer, blackhead cleanser, anti-acne and anti-aging. Directions: Apply once or twice daily as required. In some cases, extended regular application may be required. Safely apply to raw, chafed or cracked skin. This is suitable for all ages. This product can be used during pregnancy and breast feeding. Nature: Facial Associates© Face pack is the first one of its kind. It has all unique ingredients of nature that give instant facial glow, improves skin health and softness. This product is packed with ancient beauty therapies that give your skin internal glow which is the main part of beautiful skin. Instruction: Mix 1 tea spoon of Facial Associates© Powder with some drops of water to make medium consistency scrub. Massage the scrub on your skin. Don’t keep the scrub more than 10 minutes on your face. Do not use the scrub near delicate eye areas. Wash off with water. Use a moisturizer or sunscreen if you’re going out Summary Facial Associates use to restore the damaged skin. So it could be said that the recover the damaged skin means fresh skin. Pepper is an important element in human life. Needless to advance to the women. Had heard of the queen Cleopatra has spent a large span of life to sprinkle. The current era, it is inconceivable that it has much wider. In this poor country like Bangladesh is producing almost 80 metric tons of face cream in a year.At the beginning the natural elements are mainly used in that purpose. After the industrial revolution, it was discovered in the use of synthetic chemicals in pepper element, which are the highest uses rate of chemical. Due this people are easily dependent on them very quickly. Currently 82 thousand of chemical are being used in production of the cosmetic and personal care products. According to U.S. researchers, nearly 10 thousand 5 hundred of these chemicals are harmful to the human body. These harmful chemicals are mercury, lead, formalin, steroids etc. As a result of cancer in humans, the brain damage of unborn baby\\\\\\\'s, premature abortion, hormonal changes, reducing the capacity of the production of children, irregular menstruation, late accession, memory lost, unwanted hair on the faceetc these problems being faced by people. Bangladeshi boys and girls are not happy at all with the color of their skin. Anyhow the black or blackish girl wants to change themselves into a bright color. On the other hand the bright colorgirl uses the fairness cream to hold their brightness. Cosmetics companies have been focused on the emotional life of the people in this place and not to care of the life of the people use the various toxic substances in the cream.Unscrupulousbusinessmen to take advantage of our ignorance or indifference have become a successful trader. Thinking the above circumstances we release the product is called SKINFOOD FACIAL ASSOCIATES, which was made by cent percent natural ingredient. This associates is aremarkable cosmetics which can be used to prevent acne and remedial, remove scratch, wounds, burns caused by heat and by the recovery of the pore of the skin to restore the skin as spotless and glittering. In short, this associates use to restore the damaged skin. So it could be said that the recover the damaged skin means fresh skin.

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