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Nicer Dicer Fusion:

Tk. 1250

Products Description

    Nicer Dicer Fusion - Chopper & Slicer
    The versatile food preparation station
    Introducing the Nicer Dicer Fusion from Thane, the versatile food preparation station that slices, dices, chops, juliennes, shreds, cubes, and quarters all in one kitchen set that prepares food and family meals, faster than you ever thought possible!
    - Chop two tomatoes at once: no problem.
    - Cubed carrots: perfect cubes in seconds.
    - Lime wedges for a party: eight at once.
    - Small hard to cut food: not any more!
    Use the Nicer Dicer Fusion's large blades for whole foods: give it a press, you get precision cuts every single time.
    Take the Nicer Dicer Handle off, put the Nicer Slicer on. Dial in the thickness of the slice that you want, and you're speed slicing!
    Use the Food Holder to keep fingers safe while slicing and nothing goes to waste. Or, add the Handy Hopper that stores and slices small, delicate foods like tomatoes, grapes and garlic in seconds!
    The Nicer Dicer Fusion has a high quality, auto lift slicing lid that snaps onto the clear acrylic, non-skid container for perfect slices every time with lightening fast slicing performance.
    With just the press of a button, food falls right back into the container, so there is no mess left behind.
    Genius Nicer Dicer Fusion Combo Set 8 pcs.

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