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Bluetooth Spy Camera:

Tk. 3450

Products Description

    The Bluetooth Headset Spy Camera looks like an innocent headset, yet records high quality video or photos without appearing obvious.
    The Bluetooth Headset Spy Camera is a lightweight spy camera that is hidden inside a non-working bluetooth headset.
    The Bluetooth Headset Spy Camera easily capture video or still photos at the push of a button. Your recordings stays sharp and clear, even when the you are moving or using the camera in low light.
    The Bluetooth Headset Spy Camera has a rechargeable Lithium battery and 4Gb internal storage that gives you up to 2 hours of recording.
    Choose between video recording or still photos
    Clear picture when user and camera are in motion
    Recorded image still clearly visible even in low light situations
    Easy to use, lightweight camera for body worn recording
    4GB Internal Storage
    640 X 480 Resolution
    Photo Resolutions: 1280 x 1025 (.jpg)
    Battery life 1-2 hoursRechargeable Lithium Battery
    Video Recording And Snap Shot

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